Unsurpassed Experience

Bill Buckley - Lawfilm.comFor over 35 years, Bill Buckley and his staff have produced legal videos for plaintiff attorneys nationwide. We are committed to producing Day in the Life Videos and Video Settlement Brochures that make a difference--in settlement conferences, in the courtroom, in the amount of your award, and in the life of your client.

We have worked with many of the finest plaintiff lawyers in the country: Wes Pittman in Florida, Keith Davidson in Illinois, Roxanne Conlin in Iowa, Sid Gilreath in Tennessee, Browne Greene in California, Keith Jensen in Texas, and the late Ted Koskoff in Connecticut. Their guidance has enabled us to create the kind of video that can be presented to a jury and upheld in a courtroom.

We pride ourselves on the quality and sensitivity of our legal video productions, and on the fact that they have proven invaluable in helping to obtain just awards for damages.

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